Somali Medial Doctors

Welcome to the Somali Medical Doctors
Dr. Mohamed Abdirahman (USA)
Dr. Idho-Qarshe (USA)
Dr. Mohamed Mo’allin Ma’ow (UK/Germany)
Dr. Roble * (USA)
Dr. Said Harare (USA)
Dr. Ismail M. (USA)
Drs. Mariam Deria, MD (Canada)
Drs. Hamdi Mohamed, PhD (Canda)
Drs. Hawo Elmi Bashir Qos-laaye (Canada)
Dr. Fartun Mohamud (USA) Drs. Samira Hassan (UK)
Drs. Hodan Ahmed Mohamed MD (Kenya)
Dr Amal Ali (DDS) (Sweden/Gotherburg)
Dr. Neama A .Abdulla MD (UAE)