Australian Authors


Azhar Abidi (born 1968) Passarola Rising (2006), Twilight (2008), The House of Bilqis (2009)

Glenda Adams (1939–2007) Games of the Strong (1982), Longleg (1990), The Tempest of Clemenza (1996), Miles Franklin Award winner (1987) for Dancing on Coral

Debra Adelaide (born 1958) The Hotel Albatross (1995), Serpent Dust (1998), The Household Guide to Dying (2008)

Alexandra Adornetto (born 1992) The Strangest Adventures series

Malcolm Afford (1906–1954) The Gland Men of the Island (Wonder Stories pp. 828–843, January 1931), Blood on His Hands!: A Detective Novel (1936), Death’s Mannikins: Being a Sober Account of Certain Diabolical Happenings not Untinged with the Odour of Brimstone which Befell a Respectable Family Living at Exmoor in This Present Year (1937), The Dead Are Blind: A Jeffrey Blackburn Adventure (1937), Fly By Night: A Jeffrey Blackburn Adventure (1942), Owl of Darkness (1944), Sinners in Paradise (1946), The Sheep and the Wolves (1947), The Vanishing Trick, Detective Fiction 1.1 (1948), Such a Neat Little Corpse (1950?)

Maggie Alderson (born 1959) Pants on Fire (2000), Mad About the Boy (2002), Handbags and Gladrags (2004), Cents and Sensibility (2006), How to Break Your Own Heart (2008), Shall We Dance (2010), Evangeline: The Wish Keeper’s Helper (2011), Everything Changes But You (2012)

James Aldridge (born 1918) Signed with Their Honour (1942), The Sea Eagle (1944), The Diplomat (1949), The Hunter (1950), Heroes of the Empty View (1954), I Wish He Would Not Die (1957), A Captive in the Land (1962), My Brother Tom (1966), The Untouchable Juli (1974), Mockery In Arms (1974), The Marvellous Mongolian (1974), One Last Glimpse (1977), Goodbye Un-America (1979), The Broken SaddleThe True Story of Lilli Stubeck (1984), The True Story of Spit Macphee (1986) (winner of the Guardian Prize and New South Wales Premier’s Literary Award), The True Story of Lola Mackellar (Viking, 1992), The Girl from the Sea (2002), The Wings of Kitty St Clair (2006)

Ethel Anderson (1883–1958) Indian Tales (1948), At Parramatta (1956), The Little Ghosts (1959)

Jessica Anderson (1916–2010) An Ordinary Lunacy (1963), The Last Man’s Head (1970), The Commandant (1975), The Impersonators (1980), Miles Franklin Literary Award winner in 1978 for Tirra Lirra by the River and in 1980 for The Impersonators), Taking Shelter (1989), One of the Wattle Birds (1994)

Sarah Armstrong (born 1968) Miles Franklin Literary Award nominee 2005 (Salt Rain)

Wayne Ashton (born 1959) Under a Tin-Grey Sari (2002), Equator: A Novel (2010)

Thea Astley (1925–2004) Girl with a Monkey (1958), A Descant for Gossips (1960), The Well Dressed Explorer (1962), The Slow Natives (1965), A Boat Load of Home Folk (1968), The Acolyte (1972), A Kindness Cup (1974), An Item from the Late News (1982), Beachmasters (1985), It’s Raining in Mango (1987), Reaching Tin River (1990), Vanishing Points (1992), Coda (1994), The Multiple Effects of Rainshadow (1996), Drylands (1999), Miles Franklin Literary Award winner in 1999 for Drylands, 1972 for The Acolyte, 1965 for The Slow Natives, and 1962 for The Well Dressed Explorer

Hugh Atkinson (1924–1994) The Pink and the Brown (1957), Low Company(1961), The Reckoning (1963), The Games (1968), The Most Savage Animal (1972), Johnny Horns (1972), The Man in the Middle (1973), Crack-up (1974), Weekend to Kill (1977), Unscheduled Flight (1978), The Manipulators (1978), Billy Two-Toes (1982), Grey’s Valley: The Legend (1986), A Twist in the Tale: Three Novellas (1991), Jumping Jeweller of Lavender Bay (1992)

Louisa Atkinson (1834–1872) Gertrude the Emigrant: A Tale of Colonial Life by an Australian Lady (1857), Cowanda: The Veteran’s Grant: an Australian Story by the Author of Gertrude (1859), Debatable Ground of the Carlillawarra Claimants (1861), Myra (1864), Tom Hellicar’s Children (1871), Bush Home (?), Tressa’s Resolve (1872)

Bunty Avieson (born 1962) Apartment 255 (2002), The Wrong Door(2004)



Murray Bail (born 1941) Homesickness (1980), Holden’s Performance (1987), Miles Franklin Literary Award winner 1999 for Eucalyptus (1998), The Pages (2008), The Voyage (2012)

Allan Baillie (born 1943) Creature (1987), Mates and Other Stories (1989), Dream Catcher and Other Stories (1995), The Phone Book (1995), Ten Out of Ten (2003), A Taste of Cockroach (2005)

Faith Bandler (born 1918) Wacvie (1977)

Marjorie Barnard (1897–1987) The Persimmon Tree, and Other Stories (1943), (As M. Barnard Eldershaw) A House is Built (1929)’, Green Memory (1931), The Glasshouse (1936), Plaque with Laurel (1937), Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (1945)

John Arthur Barry (1850–1911) The Luck of the Native Born (1898), A Son of the Sea (1899)

Max Barry (born 1973) Syrup (1999), Jennifer Government (2003), Company (2006)

Catherine Bateson (born 1960) A Dangerous Girl (2000), The Year It All Happened (2001), Painted Love Letters (2002), His Name is Fire (2006)

Barbara Baynton (1862–1929) Human Toll (1907)

George Lewis Becke (1855–1913)

Randolph Bedford (1868–1941) True Eyes and the Whirlwind (1903), The Snare of Strength (1905), Sops of Wine (1909), Billy Pagan Mining Engineer (1911), The Mates of Torres (1911), The Lady of the Pickup (1911), The Silver Star (1917), Aladdin and the Boss Cockie (1919)

Larissa Behrendt (born 1969) Home (2004), Legacy (2009)

Barbara Biggs (born 1956) Chat Room (2006)

Carmel Bird (born 1940) Cherry Ripe (1986), Bluebird Cafe (1990), The White Garden (1996), Crisis (1996), Red Shoes (1998), Unholy Writ (2000), Open for Inspection (2002), Cape Grimm (2005), Child of the Twilight (2010)

John Birmingham (born 1964) Axis of Time trilogy (publication commenced 2004), He Died with a Felafel in His Hand (1994)

Marie Bjelke-Petersen (1874–1969) The Captive Singer (1917), The Immortal Flame (1919), Dusk: A Novel (1921), Jewelled Nights (1923), The Moon Minstrel (1927), Monsoon Music (1930), The Rainbow Lute (1932), The Silver Knight (1934), Jungle Night (1937)

Georgia Blain (born 1964)

Capel Boake (1889–1944) Painted Clay (1917), The Romany Mark (1923), The Dark Thread (1936), As the Twig is Bent (1946)

Merlinda Bobis (born 1959) Filipino expatriate. Banana Heart Summer (2005); also poet

Rolf Boldrewood (Thomas Alexander Browne) (1826–1915) My Run Home (1874), The Squatter’s Dream: A Story of Australian Life (1875), A Colonial Reformer (1876), Babes in the Bush (1877), Robbery Under Arms (1882), The Sealskin Coat (1884–1885), The Crooked Stick, or, Pollie’s Probation (1885), The Sphinx of Eaglehawk: A Tale of Old Bendigo (1887), A Sydney-Side Saxon (1888), Nevermore (1889–90), The Miner’s Right: A Tale of the Australian Goldfields (1890), A Modern Buccaneer (1894), Plain Living: A Bush Idyll (1898), War to the Knife’, or Tangata Maori (1899), The Ghost-Camp, or, The Avengers (1902)’, The Last Chance: A Tale of the Golden West (1905)

Guy Boothby (1867–1905) Doctor Nikola series

Martin Boyd (1893–1972) Brangane: A Memoir (by Martin Mills, pseudonym) (1926); The Picnic (1937), Lucinda Brayford (1946), The “Langton” quartet: The Cardboard Crown (1952); A Difficult Young Man (1955); Outbreak of Love (1957); When Blackbirds Sing (1962)

Russell Braddon (1921–1995) The Naked Island

James Bradley (born 1967) Wrack (1997); The Deep Field (1999), The Resurrectionist (2006)

Lily Brett (born 1946) Things Could Be Worse (1990), What God Wants (1992), Just Like That (1994), Too Many Men (2001), You Gotta Have Balls (2006), Lola Bensky (2013)

Paul Brickhill (1916–1991) WWII RAAF fighter pilot, The Great Escape] (1950)

Damien Broderick (born 1944) Science fiction The Judas Mandala

Steve Brook (born 1934) Polish-born journalist and satirical novelist

Geraldine Brooks (born 1955) Pulitzer Prize for fiction, 2006: March (2005); Year of Wonders (2001), also Pulitzer Prize winning journalist

Carter Brown (1923–1985) Crime fiction

Anna Maria Bunn (1808–1889) The Guardian. A Tale (1838)

Janine Burke (born 1952) Speaking (1984), Second Sight (1986), Company of Images (1989), Lullaby (1994)



Kathleen Caffyn (c. 1855 – 1926)

Mena Calthorpe (c. 1905 – 1996)

Ada Cambridge (1844–1926)

Marion May Campbell (born 1948)

Rosa Campbell Praed (1851–1935)

Trudi Canavan (born 1969)

Rosa Cappiello (born 1942)

Gabrielle Carey (born 1959) Puberty Blues

Peter Carey (born 1943) Illywhacker, Oscar and Lucinda, twice Booker Prize Winner and three time Miles Franklin Award winner

Isobelle Carmody (born 1958) The Gathering (1993)

Steven Carroll (born 1949)

Jay Caselberg Science fiction

Gavin Casey (1907–1964)

Belinda Castles (born 1971) The River Baptists 2006 Australian/Vogel Literary Award winner

Brian Castro (born 1950)

Nancy Cato (1917–2000)

Nick Cave (born 1957)

Arlene J. Chai (born 1955)

Joy Chambers

Nan Chauncy (1900–1970)

Margaret Clark (born 1942) Fat Chance (1996)

Marcus Clarke (1846–1881) For the Term of his Natural Life

James Clavell (1924–1994) Shogun also screenwriter, director (the original The Fly).

Jon Cleary (born 1917)

Inga Clendinnen (born 1934) Reading the Holocaust (1999); Dancing with Strangers (2004);

Charmian Clift (1923–1969)

Jane Clifton (born 1961)

J. M. Coetzee (born 1940) South African born writer who emigrated to Australia in 2002, and became an Australian citizen in 2006

Bernard Cohen (born 1963) The Blindman’s Hat 1996 Australian/Vogel Literary Award winner

Tom Collins Such Is Life see Joseph Furphy below.

Kenneth Cook (1929–1987) Wake in Fright

Jill Ker Conway (born 1934)

Peter Corris (born 1942) Crime fiction

Bryce Courtenay (born 1933) The Power of One

Jessie Catherine Couvreur (1848–1897)

Bernard Cronin (1884–1968)

Zora Cross (1890–1964)

Dymphna Cusack (1902–1981)



John Bede Dalley (1878–1935)

Eleanor Dark (1901–1985) Prelude to Christopher, The Timeless Land

Helen Darville (Helen Demidenko) (born 1972) The Hand That Signed the Paper 1993

Luke Davies (born 1962)

Frank Dalby Davison (1893–1970)

Eric Dando (born 1970) satirical novels Snail and Oink, Oink, Oink

Liam Davison (born 1957)

Carlton Dawe (1865–1935)

Dulcie Deamer (1890–1972)

Joel Deane (born 1969)

Kathryn Deans children’s fantasy

Ralph De Boissière (born 1907)

Michelle de Kretser The Hamilton Case

Meaghan Delahunt (born 1961)

Kit Denton (1928–1997) The Breaker

Robert Dessaix (born 1944) Night Letters (1996)

James Devaney (1890–1976)

Jean Devanny (1894–1962)

András Domahidy (born 1920) Writes in Hungarian

Henrietta Drake-Brockman (1901–1968) Men Without Wives

Sara Dowse

Robert Drewe (born 1943) Our Sunshine (1991)

Ursula Dubosarsky (born 1961)

Alasdair Duncan (born 1982)

Mary Durack (1913–1994) Kings in Grass Castles



Nick Earls (born 1963)

Arabella Edge The Company: The Story of a Murderer

Greg Egan (born 1961) Science fiction

Flora Eldershaw (1897–1956)

M. Barnard Eldershaw pseudonym for Flora Eldershaw and Marjorie Barnard

Sumner Locke Elliott (1917–1991) Careful, He Might Hear You

Matilda Jane Evans (1827–1886)



Michel Faber (born 1960) The Crimson Petal and the White

Delia Falconer (born 1966)

Jennifer Fallon (born 1959) Fantasy

Margaret Fane (1887-1962) novelist and poet

Beverley Farmer (born 1941) The House in the Light

Helen FitzGerald (born 1966) novelist and screenwriter, Dead Lovely (2007)

John Flanagan (born 1944) Ranger’s Apprentice

Penny Flanagan (born 1970)

Richard Flanagan (born 1961) Gould’s Book of Fish

Tom Flood (born 1955) Oceana Fine

David Foster (born 1944) The Glade Within the Grove (1997) Miles Franklin Award

Mabel Forrest (1872–1935)

Miles Franklin (1879–1954) My Brilliant Career Her estate led to creation of the Miles Franklin Award

Jackie French (born 1953)

Mary Eliza Fullerton (1868–1946)

Joseph Furphy (1843–1912) Such Is Life. Nom de plume ‘Tom Collins’



Antonella Gambotto-Burke (born 1965)

Helen Garner (born 1942), Monkey Grip, The Children’s Bach, The Spare Room

Mary Gaunt (1861–1942)

Nikki Gemmell (born 1966), The Bride Stripped Bare

Ruby Langford Ginibi (born 1934)

Alan Gold (born 1945), historical novels

Andrea Goldsmith (born 1950)

Peter Goldsworthy (born 1951) Honk If You are Jesus (1992)

Alan Gould (born 1949), To the Burning City, also poet

Nathaniel Gould (1857–1919)

Posie Graeme-Evans (born 1952)

Richard Harry Graves (1898–1971)

Evan Green (1930–1996)

Kerry Greenwood (born 1954), crime fiction

Kate Grenville (born 1950) The Idea of Perfection (2001) Orange Prize for FictionThe Secret River (2006) Commonwealth Writers’ Prize

Dick Gross (born 1954)

Mrs Aeneas Gunn (Jeannie Gunn) (1870–1961), We of the Never Never



Alfred Arthur Greenwood Hales (1860–1936)

Rodney Hall (born 1935) Just Relations (1982), The Grisly Wife (1994) Miles Franklin Award; The Day We Had Hitler Home

Marion Halligan (born 1940)

Rosalie Ham (born 1955)

Lyn Hancock; (born 1938)

Derek Hansen (born 1944)

Lee Harding (born 1937) Science fiction

Traci Harding Fantasy.

Frank Hardy (1917–1994) Power Without Glory

Alexander Harris (1805–1874)

Elizabeth Harrower (born 1928) The Long Prospect

Sonya Hartnett (born 1968)

John Harwood (born 1946)

Nicholas Hasluck (born 1944)

Shirley Hazzard (born 1931) The Transit of Venus (1980) National Book Critics Circle Award, The Great Fire (2003) Miles Franklin Award.

Ruth Hegarty (born 1929) Is That You Ruthie?

Rolf Heimann (born 1940)

Anita Heiss (born 1968)

John David Hennessey (1847–1935)

Mark Henshaw (born 1951)

Xavier Herbert (1901–1984) Poor Fellow My Country

Dorothy Hewett (1923–2002) Also poet & playwright

Kathryn Heyman (born 1965)

Jennifer Higgie

Helen Hodgman (born 1945) Broken Words (1989) Christina Stead Fiction Prize

Chloe Hooper (born 1973)

Janette Turner Hospital (born 1942) Oyster (1996)

Fergus Hume (1859–1932)

Maria Hyland (born 1968) Carry Me Down



David Ireland (born 1927) A Woman of the Future (1979), The Glass Canoe (1976) Miles Franklin Award

Ian Irvine (born 1950)



Antoni Jach (1956) Napoleon’s Double, The Weekly Card Game, The Layers of the City.

Annamarie Jagose (born 1965) Slow Water.

Florence James (1902–1993) co-author Come In Spinner with Dymphna Cusack

Winifred Lewellin James (1876–1941)

Charlotte Jay (Geraldine Halls) (1919–1996) Crime fiction, Beat Not the Bones.

Barbara Jefferis (1917–2004)

Kate Jennings (born 1948) Moral Hazard.

Paul Jennings. (born 1943) Children’s literature Wicked! (1998)

Dorothy Johnston (born 1948)

George Johnston (1912–1970) My Brother Jack.

Martin Johnston (1947–1990) Mainly poet.

Elizabeth Jolley (1923–2007) The Well (1986) Miles Franklin Award

Gail Jones (born 1955)

Rae Desmond Jones (born 1941)

Rod Jones (born 1953)

Nicholas Jose (born 1952) Paper Nautilus, The Rose Crossing,The Custodians, The Red Thread.



Christopher Kelen (born 1958) Also poet & artist

Thomas Keneally (born 1935) Schindler’s Ark (1985) Booker Prize winner, filmed as Schindler’s List; Bring Larks and Heroes (1967) and Three Cheers for the Paraclete (1968) Miles Franklin Award winners

Cate Kennedy (born 1963) The World Beneath

Robin Klein (born 1936)

Christopher Koch (born 1932) The Doubleman (1985) and Highways to a War (1996) Miles Franklin Award winners

Torsten Krol



Eric Lambert (1918–1966)

John Lang (1817–1864)

Eve Langley (1908–1974)

Coral Lansbury (1929–1991)

Henry George Lamond (1885–1969)

Justine Larbalestier young adult fantasy, Magic or Madness (2005)

William Lawson (1876–1957)

Simone Lazaroo

Kathy Lette (born 1958) Puberty Blues (1979) Girls’ Night Out (1988)

Joan Lindsay (1896–1984)

Norman Lindsay (1879–1969) The Magic Pudding. Also a noted artist.

Hilary Lofting (1881-1939) short story and travel writing

Amanda Lohrey (born 1947)

Joan London (born 1958)

Gabrielle Lord (born 1946) Crime fiction

Angelo Loukakis The Memory of Tides (2006)

Melissa Lucashenko

Dave Luckett (born 1951) children’s fantasy, A Dark Winter (1997)

Morris Lurie (born 1938) Seven Books for Grossman (1983), Patrick White Award 2006



Catherine Edith Macauley Martin (born 1847–1937)

N.R Marxsen (born 1988)

Mardi McConnochie (born 1971)

Colleen McCullough (born 1937) The Thorn Birds

Sandy McCutcheon (born 1947)

Meme McDonald

Roger McDonald (born 1941) Miles Franklin Award winner for The Ballad of Desmond Kale

Andrew McGahan (born 1966) Miles Franklin Award winner for The White Earth

Fiona McGregor (born 1965) Age Book of the Year winner for Indelible Ink

Emily Maguire (born 1976)

Hugh Mackay

Kenneth Seaforth Mackenzie (1913–1955) Dead Men Rising

Ronald McKie (1909–1991) Miles Franklin Award winner for The Mango Tree

Jennifer Maiden (born 1949)

Shane Maloney Crime fiction

David Malouf (born 1934) Miles Franklin Award winner for The Great World

Leonard Mann (1895–1981)

Frederic Manning (1882–1935)

Kathleen Mannington Caffyn (Circa 1855–1926)

Melina Marchetta (born 1965) Looking For Alibrandi

John Marsden (born 1950) Best known for the Tomorrow series.

William Leonard Marshall (born 1944) Detective fiction. Yellowthread Street

Olga Masters (1919–1986)

Peter Mathers (1931–2004) Miles Franklin Award winner for Trap

Gillian Mears (born 1964) The Grass Sister Commonwealth Writers Prize (Regional) 1996

Louisa Anne Meredith (1812–1895)

Alex Miller (born 1936) Miles Franklin Award winner for The Ancestor Game and Journey to the Stone Country

Drusilla Modjeska (born 1946) The Orchard (1994)

Ian Moffitt (1926–2000)

James Moloney (born 1954)

Frank Moorhouse (born 1938) Miles Franklin Award winner for Dark Palace

Sally Morgan (born 1951) My Place

Jaclyn Moriarty Young adult fiction.

Mudrooroo (formerly Colin Johnson) (born ) Wild Cat Falling

Gerald Murnane (born 1939)

Joanna Murray-Smith (born 1962) Judgement Rock



Alice Nannup (1911–1995) When the Pelican Laughed

Simpson Newland (1835–1925)

Nerida Newton (born 1972) The Lambing Flat

John Henry Nicholson (1838–1923)

D’Arcy Niland (1919–1967) The Shiralee

Hume Nisbet (1849–1923)

Michael Noonan (1921–2000) The December Boys

Louis Nowra (born 1950) Better known as a playwright

Judy Nunn (born 1945)



Andrew T. O’Connor (born 1978) Tuvalu

Elizabeth O’Conner (born 1913) The Irishman, 1960 Miles Franklin Award winner

John O’Grady (1907–1981) They’re a Weird Mob

Wendy Orr Canadian-born Australian children’s writer, of Nim’s Island and others

Ouyang Yu (born 1955) Expatriate Chinese, also poet and editor.



Margaret Packham Hargrave (born 1941) A Woman of Air

Vance and Nettie Palmer Also dramatists and critics.

Ruth Park (born 1923) The Harp in the South

Pyotr Patrushev (born 1942) Project Nirvana

Elliot Perlman (born 1964) Three Dollars

James Phelan (born 1979) “Literati”, “Fox Hunt”, “Patriot Act”, “Blood Oil”.

Nancy Phelan (born 1913) Also memoirist, 2004 Patrick White Award winner

D.B.C. Pierre (born 1961) 2003 Booker Prize winner for Vernon God Little

Doris Pilkington Garimara (born 1937) Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence

Dorothy Porter (1954–2008) Verse novels, The Monkey’s Mask

Hal Porter (1911–1984) The Tilted Cross, Better known for memoir The Watcher on the Cast Iron Balcony

Rosa Campbell Praed (1851–1935)

Katharine Susannah Prichard (1883–1969) The Goldfields Trilogy, The Roaring Nineties (1946) etc.

Boori Monty Prior



Matthew Reilly (born 1974) Action/thriller

Henry Handel Richardson (aka. Ethel Robertson) (1870–1946) The Fortunes of Richard Mahony

Gregory David Roberts (born 1952) Shantaram

Peter Robb (born 1946) Midnight in Sicily M

Deborah Robertson (born 1959) Careless

Alice Grant Rosman (1882–1961)

Jennifer Rowe (Emily Rodda) (born 1948) Crime fiction & children’s fantasy, Deltora Quest.

Penelope Rowe (born 1946)

Tracy Ryan (born 1964) Novelist, poet and translator



Eva Sallis (born 1964) (Eva Hornung) Haim (1997) Australian/Vogel Literary Award

Philip Salom (born 1950) Also poet

G K Saunders (born 1910) The Stranger

Georgia Savage

Henry Savery (1791–1842) Convicted forger and Australia’s first novelist

Conrad Sayce (1888–1935) Outback adventure novels

Wendy Scarfe (born 1933) Novelist, biographer and poet

Katherine Scholes (born 1959) The Stone Angel

John A. Scott (born 1948) Also poet, Warra Warra, What I Have Written (1994)

Kim Scott (born 1957) Benang

Rosie Scott (born 1948)

Alan Seymour (born 1927) Mainly playwright

Thomas Shapcott (born 1935) Poet, novelist and playwright, 2000 Patrick White Award winner

Charles Herbert Shaw (1900–1955) Journalist and detective fiction

Patricia Shaw (born 1929) River of the Sun (1991) and The Opal Seekers (1996)

Nevil Shute (1899–1960) A Town Like Alice (1950), On the Beach (1957)

Craig Silvey (born 1982) Rhubarb (2004), Jasper Jones (2009)

Helen de Guerry Simpson (1897–1940)

Lindsay Simpson (born 1957) Crime fiction

Tim Sinclair (born 1972)

Catherine Helen Spence (1825–1910) Clara Morison: A Tale of South Australia During the Gold Fever (1854)

Eleanor Spence (born 1928–2008) Young adults author

Ken Spillman (born 1959)

Kimberley Starr (born 1970) The Kingdom Where Nobody Dies

Nicolette Stasko (born 1950) The Invention of Everyday Life (2007)

Christina Stead (1902–1983) The Man Who Loved Children (1940), For Love Alone (1945), Letty Fox: Her Luck (1946)

Gordon Neil Stewart (1912–1999) Crime fiction

Madeleine St John (1941–2006) Booker Prize for Fiction shortlisted The Essence of the Thing (1997)

Dal Stivens (1911–1997) Jimmy Brockett 1981 Patrick White Award winner

Louis Stone (1871–1935) Jonah

Randolph Stow (born 1935) To the Islands (1958) Miles Franklin Award; Patrick White Award (1979); The Merry-Go-Round in the Sea (1965)

Donald Stuart (1913–1983) Yandy



Peter Temple (born 1946) Crime fiction, The Broken Shore (2005), The Truth (2009), winner of the Miles Franklin Literary Award (2010)

Kylie Tennant (1912–1988) The Battlers (1941), Ride on Stranger (1943)

Colin Thiele (1920–2006) Storm Boy (1964)

Carrie Tiffany (born 1965) Everyman’s Rules for Scientific Living (2005), shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Literary Award and the Orange Prize; Mateship with Birds (2012)

P. L. Travers (1899–1996) Mary Poppins (1934)

Rachael Treasure Jillaroo (2000)

Penelope Trevor (born 1960) Listening for Small Sounds (1996)

Christos Tsiolkas (born 1965) Loaded (1995); Dead Europe (2005); The Slap (2008), winner of Best Book Commonwealth Writers Prize 2009, shortlisted for Miles Franklin Literary Award (2009)

Lee Tulloch Fabulous Nobodies

Ethel Turner (1872–1958) Seven Little Australians (1894)

George Turner (1916–1997) The Cupboard Under the Stairs (1962) Miles Franklin Award



Arthur Upfield (1890–1964) Crime fiction featuring the part-aboriginal detective ‘Boney’; The Sands of Windee (1931)



Lin Van Hek

Frederick Bert Vickers (1903–????)

Mary Theresa Vidal (1815–1869)

Paul Voermans (1960) Science fiction



Brenda Walker (born 1957) The Wing of Night

Dave Warner (born 1953) Crime fiction

Judah Waten (1912–1985)

E. L. Grant Watson (1885–1970)

Sam Watson (born 1952) The Kadaitcha Sung

Archie Weller (born 1957) The Day of the Dog

Morris West (1916–1999) The Shoes of the Fisherman

Herb Wharton (born 1936)

Nadia Wheatley (born 1949) Children’s fiction

Patrick White (1912–1990) Winner of Nobel Prize for Literature (1973) for The Eye of the Storm; inaugural winner, Miles Franklin Award 1957 – Voss.

Sonny Whitelaw (born 1956) Science fiction, (Stargate series)

Lili Wilkinson (born 1981)

Eric Willmot (born 1936)

Darren Williams (born 1967) Angel Rock, 1994 Australian/Vogel Literary Award winner

Anne Wilson (1848–1930)

Ben Winch (born 1973)

Tara June Winch (1983) Swallow the Air

Gerard Windsor (born 1944) Heaven Where The Bachelors Sit

Tim Winton (born 1960) Miles Franklin Award winner 1984 Shallows, 1992 Cloudstreet, 2002 Dirt Music, 2009 Breath

Amy Witting (1918–2001) I for Isobel, 1993 Patrick White Award winner

Charlotte Wood (born 1965) The Submerged Cathedral

Sue Woolfe (born 1950) Leaning Towards Infinity

Alexis Wright (born 1950) Carpentaria 2007 Miles Franklin Award winner

Patricia Wrightson (1921–2010) children’s author, The Rocks of Honey (1960), An Older Kind of Magic (1972), The Nargun and the Stars (1973)



Morgan Yasbincek (born 1964)



Markus Zusak (born 1975) The Book Thief