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Dal Dad Waayey iyo Duni Damir Beeshay


Horseedayaashii Halaagga Soomaaliya

Maxaa Hortaagan Dawladnimada Soomaaliya

Soomaaliya Oohinta Ciidda Dhulka

Taxanihii Taariikhda Soomaaliyeed Vol. 2

Waad Kuftaye KaBood

Waayihii Soomaaliya

Xasuus Qor

The People of Minnesota” Somalis in Minnesota

   In Pursuit of the Mad Mullah: Service and Sport in the Somali Protectorate Transnational nomads: how Somalis cope with refugee life in the Dadaab camps of Kenya 
Somali Nationalism: International Politics and the Drive for Unity in the Horn of Africa Warriors: life and death among the Somalis Somalia: economy without state
Learning from Somalia: the lessons of armed humanitarian intervention  Somalia: state collapse, multilateral intervention, and strategies for political reconstruction Society, security, sovereignty and the state in Somalia: from statelessness to statelessness?
Somalia Somalia a Country Study  Somalia Country Study Guide
Somalia at the crossroads: challenges and perspectives in reconstituting a failed state From tyranny to anarchy: the Somali experience Somalia: Eine Erzählung
Saints and Somalis: popular Islam in a clan-based society Peoples of the Horn of Africa: Somali, Afar and Saho  Somalia on five dollars a day: a soldier's story
Blood and bone: the call of kinship in Somali society  Colloquial Somali: The Complete Course for Beginners, Orwin, Martin 0415100119  Somalia: the missed opportunities
From Mogadishu to Dixon: the Somali diaspora in a global context  The last camel: true stories of Somalia Somali Sultanate. the Geledi City-State Over 150 Years
The fallen state: dissonance, dictatorship, and death in Somalia  Putting the cart before the horse: contested nationalism and the crisis of the nation-state in Somalia The struggle for land in southern Somalia: the war behind the war
Somalia cover-up: a commissioner's journal Losing Mogadishu: testing U.S. policy in Somalia Conflict in Somalia and Ethiopia
A modern history of the Somali: nation and state in the Horn of Africa   Somalia diary
The Somali Pirate